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Business E-mail Hosting:

These days Name Does Matter, hence having an e-mail address with your own business name instead of free Addresses such as Gmail,Yahoo,Sympatico,Shaw etc. makes a huge difference in terms adding more value to your Business.

More over while using a third party E-mail Ids you can never be sure about the confidentiality of your E-mails and if some how you forget the credentials it might be impossible sometimnes to get that e-mail address back so you tend to loose plenty of valueable data which can prettymuch destroy you. Henve you must use your own e-mail address so that there is always a way to get back all of your valueable mails in just one click.

So instead of relying on a third party to avail the most proffesional and effective way of communication get your own E-mail address with your Business Name(admin@yourdomainname.ca) starting from as less as $1.99 Per Month

Web Hosting:

These days as Internet has evolved so did the Online threats and Malwares. Some times its very hard to get the exact domain name for your Business and turns out to be costly too, so you must host your website with a very sucure web hosting or else if you risk it only to save few dollars you may end up compromising your entire website due to virus attacts and malwares and not only that after the website gets corrupted its very hard to get your valueable Domain name back.

So dont risk using some cheap nonsecure webhosting when you can get safe and secure hosting like Hostgator & Godaddy with free Maintenance at a very affordable price of $9.99 per month.
So what are you thinking? just Give us a call to get a free quote at (403)800-7752.

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