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Why Do You Need a Website ?

In todays world success or failure of a Business depends a lot on Promotion. You must promote Your business to increase the Brand Value, to be more Popular, to Beat Your Competitors , and at the end of the day to increase your profit. In these days as internet has evolved Billions of people go online to find their needs, so To reach to those vast audience you must promote your Business online. A website is nothing but a mirror reflection of your business online which bridges the gap between you and your prospective customer 24X7.

Our Web application development procedure is a perfect combination of MS Visual Basic, SQL Server, Active Server Pages, and straight website designed for creating paged that would be compatible to work on all the reputed browsers. The seamless integration of all these technologies makes sure that the users get significant advantages. Our service includes development of fresh, innovative and Brilliant designs, sound information architecture and a string of value added interactive features.

Mobile Friendly Web Designing or Mobile Geddon:

On April 21, 2015, Google released a significant new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that is designed to give a boost to mobile-friendly pages in Google's mobile search results.

Here at Search Engine Land the change is referred to by a variety of names, the most common name is mobilegeddon, but sometimes it is also referred to as mobilepocalyse, mopocalypse or mobocalypse.

The first step to save your website is to test that whether Google considers your web pages to be mobile-friendly or not by using its Mobile-Friendly Test tool.
So Click Here to check if your website is mobile friendly

Congratulations if your Website is Mobile Friendly it means your Website is safe.

Well for those who find their websites not Mobile Friendly that means soon you have to make all the web pages mobile friendly or else
1.Google will reduce your position at the serach results in terms of Ranking and soon you will be out of google most prominent Search Result Pages.
2.As these days people tend use different kind of mobile devices to access your Website so if your wensite is not mobile Friendly then it will take ages to load your web pages and more over they will find some broken Images and Distorted Texts which will promt them to leave yuor website without getting any information henece you would be loosing some of your Potential Customers.

So dont loose any of your potential customers and Embrace Mobilegeddon at a very affordable price starting from as less as $249.
So just give us a call at (403)800-7752 or Fillup the contact form and submit and you would be contacted within 24 Hours with best solution for your website.

Web Packages

  • Economic

    $ 399
    • Free Domain and Hosting
    • Up to 5 Pages
    • 1 Business E-mail ID
    • 1 Enquiry Form
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  • Basic

    $ 499
    • Free Domain and Hosting
    • Up to 15 Pages
    • 3 Business E-mail ID
    • 3 Enquiry Forms
    • Product Gallery
    • 5 Free Updates
    • Mobile Compatible
    • ---
  • Standard

    $ 699
    • Free Domain and Hosting
    • Up to 25 Pages
    • 10 Business E-mail ID
    • 10 Enquiry Forms
    • Product Gallery
    • 10 Free Updates
    • Mobile Compatible
    • ---
  • E-Commerce

    $ 1199
    • Free Domain and Hosting
    • Up to 100 Pages
    • 20 Business E-mail ID
    • 50 Enquiry Forms
    • Product Gallery
    • 30 Free Updates
    • Mobile Compatible
    • Shopping Cart

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